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Thank you for your interest in my
services and background.


I have been fortunate in my up-bringing to be involved with the natural ability we all have to see beyond our five senses.

My grandmother Viola Contino was a free thinker, intuitive Tarot reader living on the southside of Chicago.

My mother Marilyn followed in her footsteps to become involved with the powers of psychic awareness. Therefore I am a third generation reader.

My mother brought me into the world in 1952, and she wanted me to keep my psychic awareness as I matured.

I was taught lessons from the age of five and was instructed not to share these teachings with my friends as this type of thing was frowned upon by most of society at the time.

  We were constantly on the move and I had made many friends growing up.

  My mothers friends were all involved in metaphysical study. I was raised knowing many psychics, clairvoyants, shamans and the like who all taught me and shared their knowledge freely.

  I was fortunate enough to see many sides of life as I grew up.

My Services

Along with counsel and private Tarot lessons I do many classes and lectures on the Tarot throughout Chicago and into Wisconsin. I also conduct phone readings worldwide from China to Chicagoland.

Everyone has deep felt concerns. I will try to help you achieve your wants and goals to the best of my insight. Because of my sincerity to my profession I have changed peoples lives resulting in happy outcomes.

Any insight or psychic awareness I experience will be based on solid ground and clear thinking. I am a clairvoyant, psychic, empath and a skilled Tarot reader and mentor. I have read for celebrities, judges, congressmen, AM Radio and all walks of life with great success. Born in 1952, I have been using my "psychic awareness" all my life.

Over the years my reputation and success speaks for itself.

I have been the house reader at many reputable establishments who value their name and carefully choose who will represent their establishment.

I have read, taught and lectured at Sanctuary Crystals Metaphysical Emporium, Unseen Insights, Angels Forever,Windows of Light, Carols Crystal Castle, The Inner Eye, SunSeekers, Enchanted Journey, The Body, Mind Awareness Center, and The Theosophical Society.

Currently, I am a house reader at TranZformations Spirit Center in Alsip,IL. along with a few chosen locations in the Chicago area.

I also offer phone counsel world wide from servicemen overseas to men and women throughout the US.

I live in Berwyn,IL, a southwest suburb right outside of Chicago.

My reputation and name stands by these principles

Living in a free society, I do not judge people by their race, political views, sexual preference or moral values as long as they do not interefer with others.

Although I am always there for you, I do not attempt to lead you on a path of dependence.

Using my intuition, psychic awareness, and life experience, I will look for the best advantages you have to achieve the goals you seek.

The accuracy of my predictions and advise will be proven or disproven within the time period discussed in your session with me.

It is as simple and as complex as that.

Vincent Pitisci
Phone:708 214-3728