Vincent offers private Tarot lessons
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  Today, I can say there are a number of professional readers who started out under my guidance.

Private lessons focus on where you are and where you want to ultimately go with the Tarot. You will learn how to read the Tarot confidently and fluently. You will give meanignful readings to clients and having them leave your table with definite direction from your advice.

Each of you are unique and I will find your strengths and weaknesses and we will focus on both together.

Once you are my student, I take a personal interest in your progress and will work with you at whatever pace you feel is comfortable. Whether weekly, monthly, or some other schedule, the choice is yours.

Once you are ready I might even have some events for you to work with me at.

You will learn where to find work in the settings you choose to read in. I offer one-on-one in person at key locations on the SW chicago area.
I also offer one-on-one phone lessons to those too far away for face-to-face. If you choose to, you will become a professional Tarot reader.

Take a few lessons, let them incubate and call for more when you feel you are ready for more. There is no set schedule. Everyone has a unique set of a circumstances.

FEES: $140 per one-hour private lesson VISA/MC accepted Call Vincent with any questions or to set something up at 708 214-3728 or email me at

Hope to hear from you soon!
Best-Vincent Pitisci