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Genius of the Tarot ~
A Guide to Divination with the Tarot

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Genius of the Tarot ~ A Guide to Divination with the Tarot


Confessions of a Card Reader

I started reading the Tarot in 1969. Yes, I've been reading cards longer than most of you have been alive. But it wasn't until 1992 that I began to read on a professional basis. At first it was just occasional work. But by 1999, it had steadily grown into a full-time career. I've been throwing card spreads ever since.

I've done parties, psychic hot lines, carnivals, fairs, and of course a steady client base of private sessions. I've been a house reader for many boutiques, coffee houses, and lounges all over Chicago; traveled all over Illinois and into Wisconsin selling nothing but the seventy-eight pasteboards spread out for strangers looking for advice on future challenges or concerns.

I've worked fairs with many others in the craft - some good, some bad, some downright evil - but for the most part just a wonderful experience. I've read for celebrities, congressmen, circuit court judges, and anyone else you can imagine.

I've sat in hot, sunny fairgrounds drinking coffee on slow afternoons waiting for seekers of the future. But I've also seen lines of people at midnight waiting for a reading with me while feeling so exhausted, I didn't think I could turn over another card.

My cards have seen cheap motels, 24/7 diners, lavish estates, and expensive corporate events. They've been exposed to rain; hot sun; cold windy nights; mustard; beer; loudly blaring music; private one-on-one sessions; and of course tears.

My cards are not protected, wrapped in black silk or kept in a fancy box. They are exposed to the world. In other words, my cards are seasoned. They've read for the sane and the insane; the rich, and the poor. They've seen lost souls with empty eyes, but they've also seen many happy faces as well.

This book is not written based on assumptions. It's written on a history of experience. I made my living making predictions. The accuracy of my words for the future determined my success. It's as simple as that.

I never had any intentions of writing a book. But as time went on I developed a very unique understanding of the cards. I felt now, it was time to share these concepts with others. When I was a young teenager I often wondered about the authors of the Tarot books I read. What kind of lives did they lead?

Then, poof! The next thing I know, I'm sixty years old! Wow. And here I am, preparing my own book on the subject. I guess now, young adults will be picking up my book and feeling the same way I felt back then.

I welcome you. And so do your new seventy-eight companions called the Tarot. I will be introducing you to each card personally as you turn these pages. I'm sure all seventy-nine of you will get along great. The cards really do start to become an old friend.