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The Essential Tarot ~

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The Essential Tarot ~ Unlocking the Mystery


New Maps to an Old World

For centuries, the deck of Tarot cards has been used as a random stimulus tool. A set of connection rich ideas to be randomly placed into elements of any question.

This process sparks a way of thinking that cannot be achieved with conventional thought. And when we try to understand more about the Tarot, where do we look? We look at the cards. We keep looking at the cards. Deeper and deeper. The less we find, the deeper we look. Why? Because we can see them. We can hold them in our hands. We can touch them.

And since 1970 the flood gates have been opened in creating newer Tarot decks. Some very beautiful ones. Hundreds of them. But that has not enhanced our knowledge to the essence behind what makes the Tarot cards work so well.

If anything, I feel that has misdirected us. The secret to the Tarot has never been in the cards. It's been in their application. Human nature is funny. We perceive our world through past experiences and what we've been taught to think. Once we see something a certain way it becomes hard to see it in another. And the longer we perceive something a certain way the more instilled it becomes into our consciousness. Impressions become stuck in place. Grooves of perception cut deeper and deeper into our mind, making it harder to jump out of.

We think in a reproductive manner. That is, we recall what we perceived as a correct answer from our past and we reproduce that perception as the correct answer again. That's human nature.

So we get set in our thinking on certain issues very easily. The way we see the Tarot is a good example of this. Centuries of misconception has cut very deep grooved mind-sets about the Tarot as being an unexplainable mysterious deck of cards that can predict the future. And whether we believe in them or not, their identity has been clearly labeled.

How important is it to know why something works in order to use it correctly? If we are limited in our understanding about something, we are forced to follow rigid procedures that seem to get results no matter how poor or vague those results are. Never being able to go beyond what we've been taught. All we can really do is follow blindly and hope for a positive outcome.

Could things be done better? We cannot look into that question if we don't understand the main workings of the concept to begin with?

In order to really know something you must first try to describe it. How do you describe the Tarot? It's a deck of cards that some people feel have the ability to make accurate predictions. But this can't be proven, even if the predictions made come to pass. With no explanation of it's working's, we cannot confirm results.

Was it because the cards "saw it" or was it just a hunch by the card reader that turned out to be correct. If it was an accurate prediction seen by the Tarot cards, we should be able to explain how it was done. And for years, that question has always been a grit of sand in my eye. Most professional Tarot readers admit they don't know how they come up with the insight they receive. It just comes to them.

The Tarot has remained with us as a divination tool for over two centuries. How could so many successful Tarot readers, over so long a period of time, make accurate predictions with this system and none of them can explain WHY it works?

We can put vague labels on the Tarot to help us justify it's ability. Labels like Psychic ability. Intuition, Synchronicity, Assistance from a Higher Self or just born with a "gift" All of these labels help us accept what we can't explain. And people will always be curious about what they can't explain.

We know that the Tarot holds many unanswered questions. Questions like it's origin or what was it originally used for. But the big one is - What gives these cards such a power of insight? We've even picked apart all the Tarot card images. Analyzing all the possible symbolism found in various decks. Symbolism I doubt the original artist's themselves gave that much thought to.

In the past we have been able to explain specific procedures that seem to give us results. Some are very detailed and explicit such as cutting the Tarot cards with the left hand as this is the hand closest to the heart. Or wrapping the cards in black silk when not in use to protect them from outside influence.

Even laying the cards out in a pattern we call a card spread has been made specific for us to follow. But do these things really affect the Tarot card reading? If so, why do they? That question has never been clearly answered. Not even by the most advanced mystics or occultists on the subject.

The reason for all of the explicit direction to be followed is simply that we don't have all the answers about these mysterious cards. Therefore - from what we can tell - if you do these things precisely as instructed - the cards seem to mysteriously work. And we accept that.

Not having all the answers makes it difficult to adjust or alter anything for fear of losing what little bit of insight the cards seem to show us. So we go through the motions as directed and instructed, step by step - to a T, without question. We memorize answers instead of looking for better ones.

We attempt to improve what we can - which for the most part has been changing the artwork of the Tarot cards themselves. We change the cards because we can see them. We can hold them in our hands. Therefore it is easy to visualize changing the images to our liking. Attempting to make a better Tarot deck than before.

The paradox is the more we look into the cards the farther away we drift from the real secret of the Tarot cards success. But now it can be seen that the secret has never been in the cards. The secret is in their application.

The application hasn't really changed much over time. Therefore the way we think about the application hasn't changed either. We still lay the cards out in the traditional Celtic Cross spread. The Horoscope spread and many other spreads that have been popular over time.

We've even created some of our own spreads. But have we really looked into what a card spread is? The concept of a card spread hasn't progressed as much as the images and artwork of the Tarot cards themselves.

The card spread is a powerful aspect of the reading. But how do we perceive card spreads? Why the card spread works is the real key to the question. Not the Tarot cards that are laid into it. The cards can be replaced with something else to spark intuitive insight. But the spread is the base of the whole process. It is the map of the question and would be difficult to eliminate. The question has to be there in order for answers to be received.

If we keep looking into the Tarot cards to find the answer to WHY this system works we will continue coming up short-handed. It's almost as if the cards purposely distract us from the answer. Misdirecting us by saying... 'Keep looking at me and you will never know my mystery.'

Like I said, the secret has never been in the cards. It's been in their application. With today's knowledge and resources the Tarot reading can now be seen as a centuries old ingenious technique to find answers and make accurate predictions. And this ingenious technique can now be explained.

What this new understanding will do is allow us to improve on the Tarot's methods of application. Once we understand WHY something works it allows us to advance on the concept in new ways. It makes us better readers than ever before thought possible.

A card spread mimics the way the genius mind naturally thinks. Looking at a question in sections, allowing you to see deeper into all aspects of your objective.

A Tarot reading applies a way of thinking that cannot be achieved with conventional thought. In 1970 this was called - A Fortune Telling technique
Today we call this - A Divination technique
Tomorrow we may be calling this - A Creative Thinking technique

And now this Mad Hatter invites you to step through a looking glass to another Tarot tea party.