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Reprint from Vincent's column
"Tarot Insights" in the "Illumination" tabloid.
Sept/Oct 1998 Vol.1 Issue 7


The Devil....?

Eventually we have to face card number 15 . When the Devil card comes up in a reading people always look with concern and think the Devil has something to do with their issues.

The truth is this card symbolizes false fears and distorted thinking. Is there really a Devil? " One thing's for sure, if he does exist, he doesn't want us to know it. He keeps a low profile and would rather let us believe we thought up his evil ideas all by ourselves.

So, if ol' Satan is a reality, division and separation of mankind seems to be his most effective work. By dividing and separating us, we remain fearful of our fellow man. Once we become fearful, we imagine we need to own things... my land, my religion and even my people, particularly my women.

Here are a few examples: There are over three hundred religions, cults, subcults and sects throughout the world. There are over three hundred Gods of all different colors who range from vengeful to loving. The world is divided by over two hundred borders and languages. In the last one hundred years alone mankind has enthusiastically exterminated over one hundred and twenty million people who's borders, religions or gods were the cause of their demise. The world is spending over two million dollars a minute to keep the people of our planet apart.

500 years ago the Christian Church published "The Hammer of the Witches" , an infamous manual of an inquisition which was responsible for the systematic slaughter of hundreds of thousands of women and girls in a dark and gruesome Europe.

Do these imaginary divisions and separations only exist in the minds of mankind? Or is the Devil responsible?

So if Satan really does exist , He sets his traps for all of mankind and patiently waits for the masses to walk right into them voluntarily. When you think of the Devil, don't be afraid of him picking you out from the masses.... He's not following you home, or hiding under your bed..... He's got bigger plans in mind.... plans that include everybody, not just you. Division and Separation..... the opposite side of Wholeness and Unity.

Who's responsible for the worlds confusion and fears?...... The Devil?....or ourselves?